Woodland Park Zoo

I had family in town this weekend and the weather was warm and sunny.  So we visited the Woodland Park Zoo.  It worked out great because my sons had yet to check it out and they're finally at an age where they notice stuff.  So what if the only thing they really "noticed" was the giraffe because of its height?  It was still fun and we loved seeing their reactions.  We didn't have a lot of time, so our group of eight rushed around, glancing at our maps and looked at our favorite animals.  Our highlights were the penguins, zebras and the giraffe.  We also enjoyed the play area for the kids to run around.  They also have a nice gift shop, a carousel, and a family farm that would have been fun, if we had more time. 

The penguin exhibit, located at the west entrance, is one of my favorite parts of the zoo.

Its feeding time for the penguins!

Well, hi there!

Seems like he's looking at me. 

Guess he's licking his lips?

The family farm area. 

We had to laugh when we saw this cow.  Its a panda cow! 


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