Razzi's Pizzeria

My family and I dined at Razzi's Pizzeria in Greenwood recently.  We went with my cousin and her family who were visiting from out of town and her husband has Celiac, meaning he can't have any gluten or he'll get really sick.  So my cousin and I researched where to eat and Razzi's had glowing recommendations.  We ended up being impressed by not only the food but the level or care that went into making sure everything was gluten-free.  Right away, gluten-free bread with oil and vinegar were brought out along with four different menus.  Our whole table decided to eat gluten-free to avoid any cross contamination for him.  So we studied the menu specifically for that and we were happy with all the choices of food to get.  We decided on two pizzas, the four cheese and the house special.  The house special had pepperoni, Canadian bacon, green peppers, red onions, tomatoes and feta cheese.  We all enjoyed the pizza, it was different, but good.  I'd never had gluten-free pizza and it was a little more dense and more like a heavy wheat crust.  My little ones had the fettuccini alfredo which tasted creamy and garlicky.  I was impressed by the place and am glad diners with Celiac have a place to go with so many choices and pretty decent pizza to boot. 

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