Bastille Day 2014

I attended the Bastille Day celebration again this year in Madison Valley.  I had a good time except for the hot weather.  Its been awhile since I've sweat that much just standing in one place.  Plus the way that the festival's set up is like a scavenger hunt so I felt like I had to work for my food.  They give you a map of the participating restaurants with numbers.  Then after reading the food descriptions you can walk around the neighborhood and wait in line for the small bites.  By the time I got the food, ate it and walked to the next spot I probably burned it off! We tried some yummy things this year- crumpets with brie and local Rainer cherries from Queen Bee Cafe, paella from the Harvest Vine, pizza with caramelized onions from Pagliacci Pizza and a hazelnut almond truffle from Ascona.

Queen Bee on Urbanspoon Ascona Chocolat Suisse on Urbanspoon Pagliacci Pizza on Urbanspoon


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