A 45th Wedding Anniversary Party at the Stables

I recently shot photos at a 1969 themed Wedding Anniversary celebration.  The venue was in Georgetown at the Stables.  I know, seems like I've been hanging out in Georgetown a lot lately being as my last few post have been from businesses there.  The party was a blast and I loved all the decorations and what I especially loved was the first thing I spotted when I walked in-cupcakes!

They had a cake along with the cupcakes that was very cute since the husband likes to fish and the wife enjoys reading.  Their kids did a wonderful job planning and organizing the event and I could tell that a lot of thought and detail went into it.  They served dinner buffet style with spaghetti, bread, and salads and they also had a bar with beer and wine.  I really liked all of the exposed brick and interesting art on the walls.  The Stables was the perfect spot for this joyous anniversary party! 


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