Dinner at Tokyo Restaurant

Last night I met up with some friends for dinner in Bellevue at a Japanese place called Tokyo Restaurant.  I hadn't had sushi in a while so I was craving some all week leading up to going out.  The sushi didn't disappoint, I loved my california roll with crab.  I put some ginger on top, dipped it into some soy sauce and yum, that's good tasting sushi.  Sushi was always a food I was sort of squeamish about until a year ago or so when I started getting more adventurous with my food.  I grew up only eating American food like chicken strips and pepperoni pizza.  Now that I'm older, there's not too many food I won't try at least once.   I also ordered a favorite of mine, the fried Calamari.  A couple of my friends got the Sashimi Boat, a huge platter of raw fish.  I've tried raw sushi before but I'm not too crazy about it.  My favorite sushi is the crab rolls.  For dessert, we all got complimentary coffee jello, a small dish of coffee flavored condensed milk with cubes of coffee jello. 

Two different kinds of Sushi-california roll with crab and salmon sushi.
My friend's Sashimi Platter. 
Fried Calamari with Tarter Sauce and Lemon. 
For Dessert-Coffee Jello, a good palate cleanser.

                                               Click here for Tokyo Restaurant's website.  Tokyo Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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