Scott and Ashley- An Alaskan Wedding to Remember

They say when it rains, it pours.  Well for my brother's Alaskan Wedding-that's exactly what it did.  But you didn't see the Bride and Groom complaining.  The sky could have been falling and they would have been smiling.  They were that happy to be getting married! I've seen a lot of bridezillas and nervous grooms-but not at this Wedding.  They stood huddled up together with grins on their faces, under a big umbrella saying their vows, while the rain poured down.  When it was time for formal photos of the two of them, they were game to pose outside together, in the rain and smile like the happiest couple you've ever seen! They say it doesn't matter what happens in your life, as long as you smile and have a good attitude.  This is a wonderful lessen for all, in many different circumstances.  Always try to be happy in life, rain or shine! Here's to a wonderful life together, filled with so much happiness and love.  I'm so happy my brother found his other half! Congratulations to Scott and Ashley!

The photos are finished, let's hurry back inside and get dry!

I took this shot of the barn with Pioneer Peak in the background the day before at the Rehearsal.  It was sunny that day, and my dad, the wise man that he is, suggested I take a few shots just in case it rained the next day. 
Beautiful Pioneer Peak. Palmer, Alaska.
Just one of the many DIY projects they did for their big day.  I shot some detail photos before the rain came. 
Getting ready for the Ceremony.  The rain arrived minutes before the bride's walk down the aile, leaving no time to move everything inside.  Such is life!
The Reception was inside, allowing the guests to dry off and relax while the toasts were made, the Bride and Groom danced, and the cake was cut. 
The day after the Wedding, my husband and I flew back home to Seattle, where the temperature was in the 80's and the sun was shining the whole time we were gone.  It was a beautiful flight home though and I could see mountains as we flew over Alaska.

Flying back into the night.  We never saw darkness in Alaska, where in the summer it never really gets dark.  There was a certain sadness about flying back into darkness and returning home.  But I had such a wonderful trip and all things must come to end.  It was so neat to watch my brother get married and to explore a whole new state. 


  1. Thanks Kelli! So great to have you up there taking so many wonderful pictures :-)

    1. I'm so glad I could be there for it! Alaska was beautiful and the Wedding was wonderful!

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