Dahlia Bakery

I took a visit downtown to Dahlia Bakery for their Famous Doughnuts. Six pillows of fried goodness covered in cinnamon and sugar and then dipped in Mascarpone and Cranberry Jam. The bakery is tiny so I took them home and then devoured them.

Dahlia Bakery is located in Downtown Seattle at 2001 4th Ave.  Their phone number is 206-441-4540.

 The Bakery is owned by Tom Douglas, one of the most famous chefs in Seattle. Etta's, Serious Pie, Dahlia Lounge and Lola, are a few of his restaurants located here in Seattle.  This bakery is also popular for its famous Triple Coconut Cream Pie, pictured in the photo above. 
Want a bite? The Mascarpone and Cranberry Jam went perfectly with the sugary donuts. What a sweet treat for a Saturday afternoon! 

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