Brunch at Cafe Presse

This weekend my husband and I had brunch at Cafe Presse On Capital Hill. We loved it! It's a French Cafe and brought us back to our trip to Paris we took last March. Tips: if you want the Chocolate Chaud, don't say you want Hot Chocolate or you will receive this drink (above). Chocolate Chaud is a very rich and thick drinking chocolate served with whipped cream on the side straight from France. And they serve it at Cafe Presse in Seattle, WA. Yeah! I originally had this to die for drink in Paris at Angelina's. But when my waiter brought the hot chocolate to my table, I knew this wasn't the real thing and he brought me just that a few minutes later. Soo good, and brought me right back to Paris!

 Pomme Frites. French Fries with Mayo.

Country Bread and Goat Cheese.

 Here it is, the real thing, Chocolate Chaud.

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