Lunch at Water Grill in Bellevue

 For the 4th of July our family went to Bellevue for their annual event, held at the downtown Bellevue Park. Before the event started, we ate lunch at Water Grill, located in Lincoln Square. The event at the park didn't start until later in the day, so we didn't hang out long. It was also a really hot day, so we just stayed for a bit. 

Water Grill is an upscale seafood restaurant with locations in Bellevue, California, and Denver. Their seafood is the best of the best, and you can order it in a variety of ways. The dining room is beautiful with neat touches such as fish decor on the walls with their names, and some special finishes in the bar area. They have fishing reels from the 40's on the bar top, which are perched on the copper bar top. The liquor bottles are arranged on custom wooden boats which hang from the ceiling. 

To drink we tried the Campfire Sling and a Castaway. These were pretty fancy cocktails with a price tag to match. But cheers to the holiday anyway, and sometimes it's fun to drink in style. My Campfire Sling had rye whiskey, maple syrup and chocolate bitters, over block ice with a scorched orange oil. The Castaway was a rum drink with crushed ice, lime, pineapple, and Chareau aloe. 

To eat, we shared some sushi. We had the King Salmon Roll and the Bluefin Toro Tartare. The Bluefin Toro Tartare arrived with sushi rice, green tea nori, and the Bluefin with quail egg. Then you can piece together the elements in a delicious hand roll. Both items were fresh and tasted amazing. Our sons chose an item from the kid's menu. One had the cheeseburger and the other had the Mac and Cheese. They also brought yummy bread and butter to the table that we all really enjoyed. 

 Water Grill 

400 Bellevue Way NE 

Bellevue, WA 

(425) 799-2800


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