A Day Trip to Bainbridge Island

The summer is the perfect time to head to one of the PNW's many islands. Bainbridge Island is a solid choice, and you'll travel thirty-five minutes by ferry. The day our family went was a busy one. It was the day after the 4th of July, and the ferries were pretty packed. The views of the Seattle skyline were so pretty, and we enjoyed seeing the cruise shipped docked at the pier. I took a ton of photos, and it was such a great and clear day for it. 

Our first stop when we arrived on Bainbridge Island was to get some lunch. The restaurant I picked was Bruciato, an Italian spot serving up authentic Neapolitan pizzas. There was a 55-minute wait, so we ended up giving them my number and hanging out close by. Luckily there's a lot of cute shops around, so we wandered in a few gift shops and went to one candy store. 

Bon Bon Candies is a delightful shop, full of treats for any price point. They have a whole wall of local WA chocolates, plus counters filled with fresh fudge and bon bons. I bought a piece of Birthday Party Fudge which had a rich and chocolatey base, a sweet vanilla middle, and was topped in celebration sprinkles. Then we received a text saying our table was ready at Bruciato. 

My husband started with a Jungle Bird cocktail. We were super hungry, so we ordered three pizzas for the four of us. We ordered two Margheritas and one Quattro Formaggio one. The pizzas were incredible. Each pizza arrives with a pair of scissors, and you cut the slices yourself. We polished off all of the food and then we headed off to find another troll from the NW Trolls: Way of the Bird King. 

Pia the Peacemaker is the last and 5th troll we saw in WA state. There is one more from the NW Trolls: Way of the Bird King exhibition and it is located in Portland, OR. Pia is located at Sakai Park, just a few minutes by car from where we ate lunch and one mile from the Bainbridge Island ferry terminal. 

After checking out Pia the Peacemaker troll we headed to a nearby playground so our boys could run around. It was a really hot day, so we didn't stay too long. Then it was time to try and catch the next ferry back to Seattle. We ended up waiting a while and not making the ferry we wanted. So we waited another hour for the next one. 

By then we were out of water, so I went inside the Hi Life looking for water and some additional substance. After spotting some bottled water for sale, I went to pay and it was my lucky day, they were selling soft serve ice cream. And what a perfect day for it! I could choose between matcha, strawberry, or Yuzu sauce with vanilla soft serve. I picked Yuzu even though I couldn't remember what it was, I took a risk. The risk paid off and I discovered Yuzu is a bright citrusy flavor that was so well balanced with the vanilla soft serve. 

On such a hot day, this cool treat really hit different. I took it back to the car and shared with the rest of the family. Then it was time to drive onto the ferry. After we parked the car and went upstairs to the sitting area, we noticed how packed the ferry was. I'd never been on a ferry when there were passengers everywhere and crowding the bow of the boat. I was still able to get some good shots of the city though. 

Bainbridge Island makes such a fun day trip! It's such a pretty place to be in the summer, especially. It felt good to get away from the city for a few hours and explore Bainbridge. 


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