Visiting one of the trolls from The NW Trolls: Way of the Bird King Project

The Pacific Northwest now has six amazing trolls to check out! These larger-than-life trolls are located in Portland, Bainbridge Island, Issaquah, Ballard, West Seattle, and Vashon Island. The whimsical trolls are hand built by environmental Danish artist Thomas Dambo. This public art project is titled NW Trolls: Way of the Bird Project. You can read more about it here

We checked out the troll Bruun Idun at Lincoln Park in West Seattle. This troll stands and plays a flute to orcas at the water's edge. The idea is to go walking through the woods and go "troll hunting", since the exact location of the trolls isn't given. Bruun Idun is located near the beach right after the pool area. 


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