Dinner at Clearwater in Newport, OR


An Apple Cider Sour and a Huckleberry Lemondrop from Clearwater Restaurant. 

Newport, Oregon has lots of dining options. They're mostly centered around seafood, especially if you're at the historic bayfront. If you're looking for something elevated with views of the bay and the sea lions, check out Clearwater Restaurant

We had plans to go elsewhere, but when that spot didn't have a full bar and were out of the menu items we wanted, we walked a block or so to Clearwater. We were sat right away, it being a weeknight and before the dinner rush. The staff was hospitable and welcoming, and it felt like a step up from the usual tourist places on the OR Coast. The views of the Newport Bay Bridge and the sea lions were unmatched, especially with it being a sunny day. 

The cocktail menu appealed to us, and we found something we wanted right away. My husband chose the Apple Cider Sour and I had a Huckleberry Lemondrop. The drinks were eye-catching and brought us joy as the server delivered them. The cocktails were as delicious as they looked. 

For food, my husband ordered the Fish and Chips. I chose the Tuna Melt. Our sons picked the Grilled Cheese from the kid's menu. His fish came with three big pieces. He enjoyed this classic dish you must order on the coast. My Tuna Melt was made on sourdough and had Albacore Tuna along with avocados. I had my sandwich with some Sweet Potato Fries, which were decent but could have been crispier. 

They also have an upstairs dining room and bar area. Definitely check this spot out if you're in Newport! 

Clearwater Restaurant 

325 SW Bay Blvd

Newport, OR 

(541) 272-5550


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