A Visit to Machi Machi in Vancouver, BC


A Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta from Machi Machi on Robson St.

After trying a tasty croissant at Little Cafe on Robson, we walked about a block towards Machi Machi. They're a Taiwanese Bubble Tea shop in downtown Vancouver. They have other locations in Toronto, Calgary, NYC, and Aisa. They serve fun bubble tea drinks in cool bottles, so I knew I had to try one. Their store is modern, and they serve their specialty drinks in unique bottles. The store is small, but luckily, there was no line. 

I ordered a Fresh Strawberry Latte with Panna Cotta in one of their bottles. The Strawberry Latte part was sweet and refreshing and the Panna Cotta was creamy, but a bit chunky. The two flavors tasted good together, so the texture didn't really bother me. They also have mini taro balls that they put on top of their drinks, but they were out that day. Not all of the drinks come in bottles, they also have regular cups to choose from. 

The drinks seem overpriced at around $10. But I wanted to try a drink in one of their cute bottles. This would not be a regular boba spot if I had one near me, but I enjoyed getting to try it out! 

Machi Machi 

1194 Robson St

Vancouver, BC 

+1 -604-564-9139 


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