The South End Winter Fest Night Market at the Stonehouse Cafe

On Saturday December 3rd, we checked out the Winter Fest Night Market at the Stonehouse Cafe in Seattle. They had local venders selling gifts, food trucks, a D.J, and a full bar available inside the cafe. This was a free, family friendly event in South Seattle featuring local pop-ups and businesses. We started with a cocktail. My husband had a Bourbon Lemonade, and I went with a more festive drink-a Spiked Eggnog. 

To eat, we tried a few items. My husband and I shared some Chicken Pad Thai from Jai Blue Thai. Our sons had food from Sea Sandwich Shop. They had Tater Tots and Chicken Wings. The wings were super spicy though. My son also had some Pork Belly Ramen from Eat Ramen Ramen

For dessert we got to try Puff Pandy. They recently opened a shop in White Center and sell macarons, pudding, and cream puffs. We tried an incredible Ube Pudding, our sons each had a Macaron, and we tried a Cookies and Cream and White Rabbit Cream Puff. My husband and I also shared a Watermelon Margarita. 

This was such a fun and festive event! It also felt good to support the local businesses in our community. 

Cheers to holiday drinks! My Spiked Eggnog, (on the right) had rum and eggnog and was pretty strong.

The music at the Night Market were live sets by Miguel Rockwell and DJ El Grande. I heard some Drake and some Usher, so I was happy. 

Yummy Chicken Pad Thai from Jay Blue Thai. 

The really spicy wings and some Tots from Sea Sandwich.

The Pork Belly Ramen from Eat Ramen Ramen. 

I loved this colorful, Ube Pudding from Puff Pandy. It was so creamy and there was a little coconut on top. On the bottom was a really delightfully sweet sauce. 

The Cookies and Cream Cream Puff and the White Rabbit one. 

The filling on the White Rabbit Cream Puff was delicious. 

A Watermelon Marg to finish the night. 

The Stone House Cafe 

9701 Rainier Ave S 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 397-4102


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