A Visit to Xing Fu Tang in Downtown Seattle


A Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Dalgona Coffee from Xing Fu Tang in downtown Seattle. 

A few months ago, downtown Seattle got a new boba spot! Xing Fu Tang opened on 4th Ave. I'd visited their location in Vancouver, BC a few years ago, so I remembered it being really good and of high quality. So, I was excited Seattle got a location. Their Seattle store is really cute, with lots to look at, and plenty of comfy seating. 

Xing Fu Tang was one of the first spots in Taiwan to sell bubble tea milk with brown sugar. And now they're selling their refreshing drinks to us here in North America. They're also proud to serve brown sugar and tapioca that they stir fry fresh every day. You can watch them stir the tapioca balls, which we did in Vancouver. You can see that post here

I tried a Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Dalgona Coffee. Remember the Dalgona Coffee craze during 2020? I made it a couple of times and it was so fun! But this was the first time I tried it at a boba shop. Their tapioca balls are warm with the perfect texture. This drink wasn't overly sweet like I thought it would be. It tasted a lot like the Dalgona Coffee drinks I made at home, except with boba. 

It was fun trying out Xing Fu Tang again, except this time closer to home! If you're in downtown and craving a boba tea drink, I recommend this spot for sure!  

Xing Fu Tang 

1905 4th Ave 

Seattle, WA 

(206) 765-8069


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