French Pastries at Bellevue Square | A visit to Lady Yum and Lady M


A slice of Chocolate Mille-Crepe from Lady M inside Bellevue Square mall. 

These days, the mall isn't just for buying clothes. It is a wonderful destination for desserts and snacks, too! And in the days of pop-up stores, there's many ways to treat yourself at the mall. Bell Square, in Bellevue, WA, has quite the selection of desserts, coffee, and bubble tea. 

So yesterday we did a foodie adventure. We visited two spots for incredible French pastries. Lady Yum and the pop-up, Lady M. Lady Yum opened a couple of months ago in Bell Square. But they have other locations in the Seattle area. I've visited a couple of them and I'll link those blog posts down below. Lady Yum sells wonderful, unique flavored French Macarons. They have a large selection of flavors, and it's hard to choose which ones to buy. Lady Yum's locations are always spacious and beautiful. 

We chose four Macarons. I picked a Salted Caramel, a Shindig with Fruity Pebbles, a Unicorn with cotton candy fillings, and a Cherry Cordial Coconut. Since our boys were in school we saved one for each of them. I had the Salted Caramel and my husband had the Cherry one. I loved how buttery and rich the salted caramel filling was in mine. Their Macarons are basically the perfect treat, and the flavors are always on point. 

Close by, also on Level 2 of the mall is Lady M. They currently have a pop-up, but I don't know how long they'll be at Bell Square. Their store is bright and beautiful with the slices of cake on display. Lady M was created in 2001 in NYC and is a luxury confections brand with over 50 boutiques worldwide. They're famous for their Mille-Crepes. They are delicate cakes made with layers upon layers of crepes, with cream between each layer. There are twenty layers. I've always wanted to try Lady M, but each cake is around $100. At this Bellevue boutique, they sell the Mille-Crepes in slices, you can just try a slice if you want, or you can purchase several flavors of slices to try. 

We bought one slice to share of the Chocolate. It was light and delicate and was a pleasure to try. 

Here are two more foodie destinations to try at Bell Square: 

Chamei Matcha is the perfect spot for soft serve and bubble tea! See my blog post here

For Bubble Waffles and Bubble Tea, don't miss Happy Lemon. It's one of the best spots around! See my blog post here

I've visited several other Lady Yum locations. They are also located at Sea-Tac airport. They have a nice kiosk and I've been to their location there. 

Click here for their location at the Amazon Spheres in SLU. 

Go here to see my post about Lady Yum's Pioneer Square location. 

Lady Yum 

258 A Bellevue Square

Bellevue, WA 

(866) 523-9986

Lady M 

236 Bellevue Square

Bellevue, WA 

(323) 825-8888


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