A Visit to Lady Yum in Downtown Seattle

The macarons at Lady Yum are amazing. If you love them and you haven't visited a Lady Yum location, then you should. And now you can go to downtown Seattle and get your fix there. She just opened the new shop a couple of weeks ago. Located in the new Amazon Spheres area on 6th Ave, the area seems redefined, modern, and like an urbanites dream. And you'll feel like you're dreaming when you bite into one of the soft, sweet, and little French cookies that Lady Yum has over twenty flavors of. The macarons are lined up like jewels, all in a pretty row. The store is gorgeous with chandeliers and a pretty pink counter. If you feel like some bubbly to go with your sweets, they have a nice selection of wines, Champagne, and Prosecco, sold in individual bottles. Which may be the perfect thing to sip on as you sit at a table by the window and sample your macarons. To celebrate their grand opening, they were handing out free macarons with a buy one get one free coupon. The flavor was chocolate, which melted in our mouths and tasted oh so fudgy and rich. It was a delicious preview of what awaited us as we wandered in and selected our flavors. I chose three macarons for us to share. One was the Mermaid- an awesome blue color with sprinkles that tasted like toasted coconut and salted caramel. Then I picked the Chocolate Mint, a very unique flavor I haven't seen before. It reminded me of a cool scoop of ice cream in the summertime, but in a French cookie.  And finally, the Raspberry Chardonnay, with a surprise raspberry filling inside. All four macarons were so spot on and good that I know I'll have to return and try more. Welcome to downtown, Lady Yum!


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