Bubble Waffles and Boba Tea at Cafe Kleo in Lynnwood


The Kleo Berry Bite from Cafe Kleo in Lynnwood! It has two scoops of Strawberry Ice Cream with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, sprinkles, and strawberry syrup. And all of this goodness is served in a house-made bubble waffle! 

My family and I will drive far for bubble waffles with ice cream. The four of us all really like this dessert, so we headed to Cafe Kleo in Lynnwood. We sat in traffic for an hour but it was worth it. Now that our sons are getting older, their appetites are also growing. So instead of all sharing one bubble waffle with ice cream like we used to, we ordered two. 

My husband likes fruity desserts, so I ordered the Kleo Berry Bite for him and I to share. Then for my sons', I got the Kleo Caramel Cookie Dough. It was packed with good things like pretzels, cookies, and cookie dough ice cream. We really liked the bubble waffle and of course, the creamy ice cream. These are filling, so I recommend sharing! Each one is $7.99, but that's fine since they're a big dessert. 

They also serve boba tea, so I of course had to grab some milk tea. I chose a Mango Milk Tea with boba. They have a wide selection of milk teas and fruit teas. My drink was refreshing and the tapioca pearls were nice and soft. 

I really liked Cafe Kleo's panda logo and the look and feel of the store. Bubble Waffles with ice cream is one unique and delicious dessert to try if you haven't already! 

Cafe Kleo 

19720 44th Ave. W Suite K 

Lynnwood, WA 

(425) 361-1799


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