Trying Valentine Brownies from Killer Brownie

I wanted to order something special for a Valentine's Day dessert for my family and I. On social media, I always see the brownies from Killer Brownie and they just looked too good. They have a special Valentine one called With Love Killer Brownie. It's a Vanilla blonde brownie, folded with festive sprinkles, a layer of caramel, white chocolate chips, and a rich chocolate brownie on the bottom. The box I ordered came with four huge brownies. I couldn't believe how dense and heavy each one was. The brownies were thick and its hard to finish one. I ended up having half and I was really satisfied! These brownies are gooey and sweet and so pretty with the Valentine's Day sprinkles. Killer Brownie has lots of other flavors, too. These weren't cheap to order and get delivered. But they were fun to try and it was a special occasion with it being Valentine's Day weekend!  


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