Sunday Brunch at Super Six

Time for Brunch! The Chicken and Waffles from Super Six. 

This weekend our family checked out Super Six in Columbia City for some brunch. I didn't want to pass up the their unique version of Chicken and Waffles. They use Bubble Waffles and Siracha Sauce and it looked delicious. They only have outdoor seating for now. You order on your phone and also pay, using the number on your table. They they bring you your food. 

My husband and I each got an order of the Chicken and Waffles and our sons got pancakes. The cocktails are fun since they have slushies. I selected their Mai Kai Slushy. A frozen Mai Tai is the perfect thing for a hot summer day at brunch. My husband had a Bloody Mary. The drinks were small but they are strong. The prices weren't bad at $10. 

My Chicken and Waffles were an awesome brunch dish. The flavors of the bubble waffle and the chicken went well together, because sweet and savory together are delicious. The Siracha sauce gave the dish that perfect amount of heat. The chicken was just right, a sizable piece of white meat with extra crispy skin. And bubble waffles are always a good idea. I usually have this Hong Kong treat with ice cream, but it was really good with chicken as a savory style. 

Kudos to Super Six for being so creative with their brunch items and for having such a safe dining experience during this time.  


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