Checking out Golden Gardens and some eats at Little Coney

                         Run, don't walk, and get a soft serve cone from Little Coney. Just hurry and eat it right away, it melts fast!                           

The weather's been warm and gorgeous in Seattle. So we decided to visit Golden Gardens, which is up north near Ballard. They have a beautiful beach with lots of views of the water. The area is called Shilshole Bay which is part of Puget Sound. The sailboats on the water were so pretty and I happily snapped away with my camera.

 I had seen online about the fun soft serve ice cream cones at a cafe, Little Coney, located by the park at the marina. They have a walk-up window and they serve burgers, hot dogs, fries, and basically beach food. The Cheeseburgers and fries were just alright, but our soft serve was really tasty. It melted super fast, so it was hard to enjoy. Be sure to order a cup and spoon with your cone and you'll have a much better time. We had a lot of fun getting out of our own neighborhood for a few hours and heading to a different part of Seattle. Summer doesn't last long in these parts, so you gotta get out and explore while you can! 


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