12 Wonderful Wings in Seattle

Winter's in full swing in Seattle and so is football season. So who doesn't like to chow down on chicken wings while they're cheering on the Seahawks? Plus, wings are good to eat when you want to warm up. Seattle offers many types, from American style, to Korean, Japanese, Vietamese, and Hong Kong style. I don't have a favorite, as I find all types of chicken wings delicious. Below are 12 (for the Seahawks 12th man!) different wings in Seattle. So here's to good classic wings, Asian style wings that have you drooling just thinking about, and hopefully some more Seahawks wins, too! 

The popular Vietamese style wings at Bar Bar.  
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The Maple and Fish Sauce Chicken Wings from Navy Strength. 

Chicken Wings with a Poplano-Agava sauce from 2120. 

Hot and crispy wings from A + Hong Kong Kitchen.

Wings with a Buffalo Gojujang sauce from Redhook Brewery.

The Crispy Chicken Wings from Bok A Bok Fried Chicken.

Good Bar's chicken wings with veggies and a light bleu cheese sauce.

Crispy marinated wings with a citrusy garlic glaze from Kizuki Ramen Izakaya.  

Juicy, Vietnamese chicken wings from Pho Bac Sup Shop.  

The Crispy Chicken Wing Confit from MBar.

The Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings from 13 Coins.  

The spicy chicken wings from Stellar Pizza. 


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