Birthday Brunch at Sawyer in Ballard

The Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread from Sawyer is truly #brunchgoals. 
For my birthday this year I chose to have brunch at Sawyer. Located in the heart of Ballard, the building used to be a 1920's saw mill. The cuisine is American, featuring shareable plates. The food is chic and fun. Their brunch service is relatively new, and the menu looked too good to pass up.

I started with a Mimosa and my husband had a Bloody Mary. Our sons had some milk and had fun playing with hot wheels and crayons with paper from the cute lunchbox that was provided. We shared three dishes. The Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread was brought out first. It arrived piping hot in a skillet, with a side of cream cheese frosting for us to pour. The cinnamon rolls were small, but mighty, delicious things. The warm caramel and soft, yeasty bread were the perfect birthday dish.

Then the Sawyer Scones were presented to us. These had Foie butter and strawberry jam. They were superb. They were warm and soft, and the strawberry jam was nice and sweet. The foie butter gave these scones a unique twist and was so flavorful. Our third plate was the Avocado Salmon Toast. It had smashed avocado, salmon lox, cucumber, pickled onions, capers, and arugula. The toast was very fresh, and the flavors were bright. I really liked the salmon lox since its not something I eat often. My birthday seemed like the perfect occasion for these fancy dishes. 

Then they brought out a piece of the Cuatro Leches Cake with a candle. This pretty cake had whipped creme fraiche, salted pistachios, and strawberries. This dessert was the real deal and tasted divine. We also shared one of the Dilly Bars. This fun dessert had cookie dough semifredo on the bottom of the plate with an ice cream bar covered in a Theo chocolate magic shell.

Our brunch at Sawyer was memorable and delicious. What an awesome birthday brunch! 


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