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It's summertime in Seattle and its finally warming up. What better way to treat yourself than getting some cold Bingsoo! Bingsoo is Korean Shaved Ice with yummy toppings that make my mouth water just thinking about. Check out Snowy Village in the U-District to not only try some Bingsoo, but their hot and fresh French Taiyaki as well. 

We tried a Medium size Piggy Party Bingsoo. This was a July special and is named after a Korean ice cream bar, called a Piggy Party. This flavor had shaved ice, or milk ice- as Snowy Village uses 100% milk with no added water for theirs. Then it was covered in Oreo crumbles and topped with strawberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. The special surprise for us were the fresh strawberry pieces inside. This dessert really was the dessert of my dreams. It was creamy and cold and just sooo darn good. It was also huge and took three of us to finish. This was only my second time having any type of shaved ice, and I'm hoping to have lots more in the future.

Our sons each had a Taiyaki. One chose Nutella for their filling and the other had cheese in theirs. They arrived piping hot and our sons couldn't wait to try them. The Taiyaki's ended up being as amazing as they smelled and looked. If you ever see Taiyaki on a menu, don't hesitate to get one. At Snowy Village, they made them fresh to order. First they cut pastry dough into squares, then they put them into the Taiyaki makers, which looked like waffle irons. And I'm guessing there are two squares needed for each order, as after they're cooked, they are filled with filling.

Bingsoo is one of the latest new Asian foods to try in Seattle. We're fortunate to be getting some new dessert spots here. I'm looking forward to trying more kinds of Bingsoo at other places, too.


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