Bite of Seattle 2019

This weekend was the annual Bite of Seattle. This food festival is held at Seattle Center every year in late July. It's the place for foodies or just anyone wanting to grub. I attended with my husband and our sons. I think these kind of events are more fun with several people because you can try more food. The four of us shared pretty much shared all of the food we tried. That way, no one left with a stomach ache, but we were able to get a lot of stuff. 

Our first stop was the Sugar and Spice food truck. We bought Cheese Curds, a Corn Dog, and a Dole Whip. The cheese curds were awesome tasting. Especially with the garlic flavor they added. They reminded me of garlic cheese bread, but in cheese curd form. The corn dog was massive and my son actually ended up eating two thirds of it. The rest of it, my husband happily finished. It turns out our other son is a Dole Whip fan, yay! It was his first Dole Whip, and you never forget your first one. My husband and I first tried one at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii. I couldn't believe how fresh and tasty it was. We've now had several and when I see one on a menu, I always get one. So now I'm glad our son can help us polish one off, they are huge! 

Next up, our sons wanted Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, so we hit up the Ben & Jerry's truck. One had a small scoop in a cup, and the other had a small scoop in a sugar cone. I was able to have a few bites and I loved the Oreo flavor and how creamy the ice cream was. 

One food I was trying to find was the chicken in a waffle cone. It sounded really unique and is something I can't normally find in Seattle. Show Me Your Cones wasn't too hard to find and luckily had no line. We ended up sharing their Chicken and Maple in an original waffle cone. It was pretty pricey at $12 but there was a lot of pieces of chicken and it was pretty big. I wish the chicken pieces would have been smaller, but they tasted really good with the maple coating and the waffle cone. It was a play on the Chicken and Waffles dish and it was fun to eat. 

To wrap things up, we headed over to Boba King so my husband and I could share something to drink. We chose a Thai Tea with Boba. The straws were boba straws, but made out of cardboard. Needless to say, it got soggy and it was difficult to finish the drink.  

My favorite tastes from the Bite were the Dole Whip and the Garlic Cheese Curds. Even though the crowds were thick and the food was expensive, it was still so fun to go. 


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