Dinner at Shake Shack in Seattle

I was in burger and fry heaven yesterday when we checked out the relatively new Shake Shack in Seattle. We tried Shake Shack before, in Las Vegas a few years ago. But silly us, we didn't get enough food so it was basically a snack. So this time, in our Emerald City, it was time to have another go at this popular, New York burger institution.

They've been super busy since opening and usually garner long lines outside. What's a person to do? Go eat at 3:30 of course. We had no wait at all and walked right in. They had all of the tablets available and I found the touchscreen ordering to be really simple. Then we found an open table and waited for a text on my phone when our order would be ready. Soon enough, I saw the text and I hopped up to the counter, almost hopping in excitement, but trying to keep my cool.

In Vegas, I had a Shackburger and we shared an order of fries. It was gone before I could blink because it was so tasty. I appreciated the quality of beef they used and everything was so hot and fresh. They use 100% Angus Beef and they cook all of the burgers until medium. This time I was excited to try the items that are a nod to Seattle. I had the exclusive to Seattle burger, the Montlake Double Cut. It had two patties of Washington beef, caramelized onions, a grainy mustard mayo, and Beecher's Cheese. They also used buns from Macrina Bakery. I ended up loving the burger. It was hot, full of cheese, and seasoned just right. It was quite the burger and I couldn't finish it. Luckily my husband stepped up and helped me polish it off.

This time we got our own fries and I'm so glad we did. They were so crispy and perfectly salty. I don't know about you, but I love a good crinkly fry, and Shake Shack has them. My husband had a beer and the 'Shroom Burger. It was a crisp-fried Portabella mushroom filled with melted cheese, and then topped with lettuce, tomato, and ShackSauce.

For dessert we shared a Shack Attack, one of their ice cream Concretes. This has chocolate custard, fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookie dough, and Theo chocolate, along with chocolate sprinkles on top. When I heard they were doing an ice cream with Theo chocolate at the Seattle location, I knew we'd have to try it. The Shack Attack was awesome and so full of chocolate. I may have even dipped my fries in it. I have no regrets.

We left pretty full but I was already thinking about my next visit. The only real problem with eating dinner at 3:30? When 8 pm came around, we were hungry again and we needed a second dinner. But it was worth it to not wait. I'm so happy Seattle's getting so many great food options these days. Bring it, we can handle it!


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