SODO Chicken

The south Seattle neighborhood Georgetown is filled with dining destinations, if you know where to look. Some are more aesthetically pleasing than others. But that doesn't mean the food isn't top notch and way worth a visit. For example, SODO Chicken isn't much to look at from the outside and their interior is also no frills. But they've got their chicken game down. And the Chicken and Waffles? Some of the best in town. Open only on weekdays, they're catering to the work crowd in Georgetown, but it looks like they've recently expanded their hours to dinner time, too. Our family went for lunch to check it out and I was feeling like some chicken and waffles. My husband loves fried chicken, so he tried some with some rice and coleslaw. They have various sauces for the rice, and he chose an Asian dipping sauce. I ordered the Chicken and Waffles, and was happy to see how big of a serving it was. The Belgian waffle was thick and fluffy and the dish came with two pieces of fried chicken. The chicken was nicely seasoned, and was hot and crispy on the outside. The syrups and other condiments were near the front where you pay, so I just grabbed a few small containers of syrup and got my chicken and waffles on. Our sons shared a waffle and an order of fries. Their waffle was gone soon after I took my food photos and got my waffle prepared, so they were big fans. So if you love fried chicken, check out this little treasure in Georgetown!


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