Perihelion Brewery in Beacon Hill

Perihelion Brewery is the perfect spot to grab a beer.  It's new and located by the light rail station in Beacon Hill.  The place is doing solid business because of their prime location and lots of outdoor seating.  They also serve food and their burger looked and smelled amazing and had a brioche bun.  My husband and I decided to check out the brewery and grab a drink to start our date night off right.  We didn't get any food so we'll have to return sometime to get our nosh on.  They were packed but we managed to find two seats in the corner.  You then have to walk over to the register to order.  Then you can grab your drink and head to your seat and get your drink on.  I had a Pineapple Cider and my husband had the Belgian Blonde.  We both enjoyed our drinks and it was fun people watching.  The neighborhood was in full swing because it was a sunny Saturday afternoon.  The brewery used to be a dentist office and I must say I'd rather be sipping a drink then getting a tooth filled.  Just saying...


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