Thanksgiving 2015

This year for Thanksgiving I had my camera out and was mostly shooting the appetizers, drinks, and desserts.  Everyone knows there's going to be turkey, cranberry sauce, rolls, and stuffing.  It's the way we start and end our meal that's always different and unique from year to year.  Oh, except the pumpkin pie, of course.  Because it just wouldn't seem like Thanksgiving without that.  We started with a Manchego sheep cheese from Spain and fresh pears.  To drink, everyone sampled a white wine, a 2015 Gessami, which was light and went well with the cheese.  There was also salami and pork sliders, which I really liked.  Then after having the main meal, we all filled our plates with several desserts.  The mini pumpkin cheesecakes with chocolate ganache and a fruit tart were delicious.  To end the evening of noshing, there were vanilla lattes made for whoever desired a little espresso. 


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