My Birthday Lunch at Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse in Bellevue

For my birthday this year I knew what I wanted.  I wanted to have a new foodie experience.  So my family and I went to Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse where they visit your table with different cuts of meat, fourteen of them to be exact.  I've always seen this and wanted to try it.  Of course, after seven different meats I was full and that was with sharing with my two year old son.  When we first sat down, they served us cheese rolls.  Then the salad bar beckoned to us.  There was creamy risotto, cheeses, veggies, salad, pasta, and more.  Then we turned our little coin over to the red side, letting them know we were ready for meat.  The meats were all very tender and flavorful.  I also sipped a shot of Fireball whiskey that paired well with the food.  It reminded me of those red cinnamon bars we'd eat as kids.  There were also three side dishes-garlic mashed potatoes, deep fried polenta, and cinnamon fried bananas.  When we were done the waiter brought over a slice of cheesecake with a candle.  It was a fun birthday with my family!

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