Just Desserts: Summer Trip Edition

Nothing is sweeter than sharing and eating dessert with the ones you love.  And on vacation together? Even better.  This June my husband, my sons and I drove to Pullman, WA and Montana to visit family.  We stopped in Pullman to stay the night with my dear cousin and her family and then drove the rest of the way to Columbia Falls, MT the next day.  Trust me.  A nine hour drive with two little ones under the age of two?  No thanks.  We broke it up into two days of driving and we are a little saner because of it.  But back to dessert.  The trip was stressful at times and dessert made it better.  Just saying. 

A slice of Rhubarb Cake, gluten-free even, but you couldn't even tell.  This cake was super moist and tart from the rhubarb, picked fresh that day from my cousin's garden in Pullman. 

More rhubarb please.  My mom, bless her heart, had a strawberry rhubarb pie waiting for us when we arrived in Columbia Falls.   

And for breakfast on our first day-huckleberry banana bread.  Yes, it was as good as it looks. 
One night we celebrated my cousin's 9th birthday.  He's not into cake so he had ice cream, donuts and Oreo's for his guests.  Can't argue with that.  He blew out a candle on a donut which I though was cool and unique. 

Since it happened to be Father's Day during our visit, I picked up this cake from the local grocery store's bakery.  It was a white cake with yellow frosting.  One of my favorites. 

And more huckleberries!  My brother make Huckleberry Dessert, a favorite of our late Grandma's.  It tasted every bit as delicious as when she used to make it. 

A fruit tart I picked up one night for everyone to have for dessert.  It was light and fruity and had a thin layer of chocolate. 

My brother made homemade marshmallows!  How original and tasty, right?  He's very clever in the kitchen and they were incredible roasted over the campfire.  It was one of the best s'mores ever. 


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