Fresh Flours

Beacon Hill has a new bakery, Fresh Flours, and I was able to check it out.  Its a French bakery with a Japanese infusion.  I was happily surprised by the wide array of croissants and macaroons.  It was heaven, really.  There's nothing like biting into a fresh macaroon.  My faith in humanity has been restored and that's not even talking about the twice baked almond croissant we tried.  Delicious?  I would say so!  I'm going to be going back again and again and I have family living mere blocks away so that's just going to be temping all the time.  Fresh Flours also has locations in Phinney Ridge and Ballard. 

We tried the caramel espresso, chocolate and raspberry macaroon and it was like biting into a cloud.  The macaroons were spot on and the definition of perfection. 

We also picked up a twice baked almond croissant with chocolate.  I was blown away by how tasty it was I can't wait have another. 

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