Crepes and Chocolates-A Visit to Crepe De France and Fran's

I just spent a rainy afternoon in downtown Seattle.  I wanted to bring my boys to Pike Place Market and show it off, even though they don't really know what they're seeing yet.  When they're a little older they will appreciate the fish being thrown through the air, the musicians performing on every corner and the fresh doughnuts, also being thrown though the air, into bags. 

But today, we had to maneuver the crowds in our double stroller and try and stay dry.  It being lunchtime, we were starved and looking for the perfect spot.  I'd always noticed a crepe place that looked fun and most likely delicious, because aren't all crepes delicious?  Crepe De France ended up working out so nice.  We were the only customers so we had the place to ourselves.  The workers doted over us and made sure everything was perfect.  And it was.  My husband and I shared a Mimosa and an Americana.  We each had a savory crepe- he had the salmon and I ate the ham and cheese.  Each crepe comes with two so one had ricotta and the other, mozzarella.  The boys loved the crepes, too.  All four of us loved the crepes.  Crepe De France is a hidden gem in the market. 

After lunch we walked a couple of blocks north to Fran's Chocolate's in the Four Seasons Hotel.  My husband tried a dark chocolate bar with dried fruit in the past that he had to go get again.  We bought a bar and it was tasty.  I loved the dried cranberries and apricots on top.  It was a specialty chocolate and well worth the price.  A couple years ago, we went to Fran's and got salted caramels that were downright decedent and unforgettable.  Today they gave samples of chocolate truffles, so we walked away full and sated from our afternoon in downtown. 

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