Doogers Seafood and Grill in Seaside

We had several nice meals out while on our Oregon Coast trip with a couple of them being in Seaside.  Doogers Seafood and Grill was another of those meals.  Everywhere seemed to be kid-friendly so highchairs were always available and nobody minded our two babies dining with us.  Doogers is a chain on the North Oregon Coast that serves quality seafood.  Well, by now I needed a break from seafood and a cheeseburger sounded good so that's what my husband and I ordered.  You can't go wrong with the Tillamook cheese that seems to be on everything in this area, too.  Plus, being in Oregon we wanted to take the opportunity to try some local Pinot Noir.  By the time we sipped our wine and polished off our burgers and fries, the boys were fussy and ready to head back to the hotel.  We ordered some Marionberry Cobbler to go though and enjoyed it later. 


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