A Beary Cute First Birthday

My twins just turned one! It seems hard to believe I have not one but two adorable little boys.  The time doesn't go quite as fast as people say.  The last year feels like five because lets face it-twins are a lot of work and the days are filled with caring for them.  Celebrating their first birthday was a milestone for us because we survived it.  Everyone with twins tells me the first year is the hardest.  So here's hoping its downhill from here!

We had two parties for the boys, one with twenty and a smaller party with eight guests.  I used a teddy bear theme with a teddy bear cupcake cake for the larger party.  For the small party we had a torte for eight people with white chocolate ganache and a teddy bear on top.  Good thing I love cake so much because we had a lot!  I used the number '1' to decorate with my balloons, party hats, tablecloth and a banner.  I filled small mason jars with Teddy Grahams and Gummy Bears.  I also presented my sons with their own teddy bears and used those to decorate the table.  My mom brought some sunflowers which added a bright touch. All in all it was a couple of 'beary cute' celebrations!



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