American Pie Bakery and Cafe

I've always been spoiled by pie because growing up my mom made the best ones.  Her apple pie is my favorite but she also made and still makes lemon meringue, cherry, peach, huckleberry, mincemeat and strawberry rhubarb.  It was always a good day when I'd come home from school and see a pie cooling on the counter.  She even mailed me one or two in college. 

There's a certain art to baking the perfect pie and not everyone can do it.  American Pie Bakery and Café in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood was worth checking out since I do love me some pie.  It didn't compare to my mom's and was expensive.  It was tasty though and the slice I selected was unique, Raspberry Custard.  It reminded me of cheesecake with raspberries and had a nice crumble topping.  But the slice my husband picked missed the mark.  He bought a classic slice of cherry with a nice lattice top.  But it had Bing cherries and not pie cherries so was sweet but not tart enough.  Maybe warmed up with vanilla ice cream it would have been more noteworthy.  Hmm, if I don't want to spend ten bucks for two slices of pie then I better visit my mom or learn to make it myself!

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