Christmas 2013 Highlights

Christmas this year arrived way to fast.  I'm keeping so busy with my new twin boys that the days are a blur and the months roll by.  I didn't do as much as I usually do for Christmas but we still had a nice holiday.  It was special this year because it was the babies first Christmas.  We had a power outage on Christmas Eve so we packed up the boys and stayed at our cousin's house.  It was an interesting Christmas but still wonderful. 

 My mom gave my boys each a Baby's First Christmas ornament for our tree.  So special and cute!

 My mom also made us a wreath and baked some chocolate mint cookies.  My dad made some peanut butter fudge they mailed to us from Montana. 

 Every year my aunt makes peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes and she knows I love them.  She always mails me a box.  I didn't have time to do much holiday baking this year so it was great. 

 My husband brought this fruit and nut tart home from The Harvest Vine restaurant.  It was so delicious and I loved the selection of nuts, fig jam and the melt in your mouth crust. 

 A friend bought the twins this adorable mini Christmas tree for their room.  I thought it was so cute and I decorated it right away to put in the nursery.  I love all the little baby ornaments the tree is adorned with.

 For special occasions I like to drink some Martinelli's Cider.  This bottle was Apple-Peach and was so crisp and refreshing. 

We had Christmas dinner with my husbands' family.  As usual, there were over thirty of us.  We had quite the spread.  The roast beef my husbands' cousin made was the star of the meal. 

                                  Thanks for checking out my highlights from the holiday! 


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