A Birthday Lunch at Le Pichet

I don't care about receiving presents on my birthday.  All I care about is the food.  A successful birthday is all about good eating.  So I took my husband and we decided to have a little French food for lunch at Le Pichet near the Pike Place Market.  We had never been but I've heard many good things about this place.  I love eating at restaurants that specialize in cuisines from all over the world.  If executed correctly, the diner can be transported to another region for a couple of hours. 

 After having a little bread and butter we shared a salad which I thought packed a lot of flavor and tasted delicious.  This salad had Belgian endives which were tossed with candied pumpkin, pecans and sherry vinegar. 

   My husband ordered the chicken liver terrine.  It was very smooth and something new to try for both of us. 

 I ordered something from La Charcuterie portion of the lunch menu.  I had the cold cut selection, the chef's choice, and they picked three different kind of meats for me to enjoy.  The names are eluding me right now but all three were so good.  One was a salami, another a prosciutto and the third was really tasty but I don't know what kind of meat it was.  All that mattered was that is tasted good.

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