A Visit to Full Tilt Ice Cream

Seattle's weather has been beautiful this week.  June is impressing me so far.  Let's see how long it lasts though because we are talking about Seattle.  So today I wanted ice cream.  It was late afternoon, snacktime was calling and I wanted something sweet.  Its rare in my home when the only thing sweet to eat is a jar of Nutella and some chocolate pudding cups.  I racked my brain trying to think of a place nearby I've never been that had something tasty to eat.  Salted Caramel Ice Cream at Full Tilt in Columbia City came to mind so I quickly looked up the address and headed over to satisfy my sweet tooth. 

I was impressed by everything at Full Tilt.  The local ice cream shop has a few locations around Seattle and I liked the family oriented vibe.  I thought the old school video games were a nice touch and really added to the coolness factor.  I'd been hearing about Full Tilt Ice Cream for a while and about how popular their salted caramel is. 

So what did I get?  Salted Caramel of course, in a waffle cone, which was just made fresh and still warm.  I liked the ice cream, it was full of caramel flavor with a touch of salty, nothing overwhelming but cold and welcoming to the palate.  My favorite part?  When I got to the end of the cone there was a chocolate malt ball waiting for me.  What a sweet surprise. 

Full Tilt Ice Cream is located in Columbia City at 5041 Rainer Ave S.

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