Warm Memories for January

Seattle has been experiencing some cold temperatures lately.  This morning when I woke up it was 28 degrees outside.  We even had some snow flurries the other day.  Brrr...for Seattle that's cold.  I've been blasting the heat in my house and that's a bill I won't be looking forward to.  I would love to jet off somewhere warm.  Maybe to a Hawaiian island, L.A, Miami, the Bahamas.  Something like that.  But since that's not possible, I'm going to post some photos of past times in the sun. 

A fish-eyed view of the Caribbean Sea from my hotel balcony in Cancun, Mexico.  Hotel guests swim and play volleyball in the infinity pool. 

Enjoying a Mai Tai Cocktail in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

The Vegas Strip pictured with the Wynn Hotel.  Las Vegas, Nevada.

A surfer in Venice Beach, California, about to enjoy some waves.

Just imagine yourself laying on a beach towel somewhere in the tropics.  You're covered in suntan lotion so the air smells like coconuts.  The sea glistens and sparkles like diamonds in the distance.  You just enjoyed a nice lunch and peach daiquiris were consumed.  The sun beams down on you and you can feel its warmth.  There's not a cloud in the sky.  You slowly drift off for a nice catnap.  Ahh, this is the life, you think.  Rainy, cold Seattle is far, far from your mind......


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