Frozen Hot Chocolate

Today it's seventy degrees outside.  The neighbors are mowing their lawns and planting flowers in their yards.  The flowers are in full bloom and everything is well, so green.  But I have the Monday blues, as nice as it is outside.  So the answer is Frozen Hot Chocolate.  I have never tried it and I'm a Hot Chocolate lover so I thought why not try making it? This recipe is the original Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity in NYC.  For years everyone, even the First Lady, wanted this recipe but they wouldn't release it.  Then finally, after fifty years, they have.  Now we can make this frozen drink at home.  My husband and I ate at Serendipity in 2009 and for some reason we didn't order it. Oh, the regrets.  But now I can make it at home!

Click here for the recipe.

Adjustments:  I used about half a cup of semi sweet chocolate chips and then one dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt, chopped up in small pieces.  I could taste a little caramel in mine and it tasted delicious.  Get creative with what kind of chocolate to use and how to top yours.  I didn't have any whipped cream on hand so I kept mine simple.  I don't usually like to drink my calories so I also halved this recipe. 


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