A sunny afternoon spent in Downtown Seattle and a Brioche and Espresso at Belle Epicurean.

  I love Downtown Seattle.  When I first moved here eleven years ago, I was enthralled by the energy of this  big city, the tall buildings and always something to see and photograph.  Seems like every step I took, there was something new to see.  Today I still feel like this, believe it or not.  Seattle's always changing and it never gets old.  I moved here from a small town in Montana, beautiful as it is there, there is nothing like a big, thriving city. Today was 60 degrees, unseasonably warm for February.  So I walked around and window shopped, then picked up some books at the Seattle Public Library. To finish off my afternoon, I visited a Parisian bakery, Belle Epicurean .  They are famous for their Brioche's, a delicious, flaky and buttery pastry.  The owner was trained in Paris, and the quality and taste showcases that. 

One of the many designer stores on Fifth Avenue,  Louis Vuitton.  I love cupcakes and handbags, so I thought this display was very eye catching. 

Right across the street is the Gucci store. 

Always new things to see in Downtown Seattle.  A neat looking plant sculpture.  

One of Seattle's abundant skyscrapers.  

The Seattle Public Library.  An architectural gem in the financial district.  The library was created to look like a stack of books. 

Some of the unique and colorful staircases located inside the library. 

Now finally, time for a break at Belle Epicurean.

Not only do they sell Brioche's, but also Tarts, Cakes and Macaroons as well!
Wow!  Now that's what I call an afternoon snack.  I ordered the Original Pecan Brioche and an espresso.  How was it? So flaky and moist and it had tons of pecans and cinnamon.  The espresso was super strong and went well with the Brioche. 

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