Chocolate Covered Rice Krispies Treats


Rice Krispies Treats but cover them in chocolate and sprinkles! 

My son recently ate some Rice Krispies for breakfast on vacation and loved them. At home I bought a box and did he want to eat them? No, he didn't. What to do, besides make everyone eat the cereal?  Make Rice Krispies Treats, of course! I didn't want to make plain ones, so I found a recipe for chocolate covered ones with sprinkles. These are simple to whip up and don't involve baking, just the stove to melt the butter and marshmallows. 

I used Milk Chocolate chips for mine, but you can use any kind of chocolate. It was fun choosing from my sprinkles collection, too. We went with some Rainbow sprinkles. These Chocolate Covered Rice Krispies Treats are fun to make and satisfying to eat! 

I found the recipe on Since I didn't make any adjustments, you can find it here


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