Trying a Chocolate Madness shake from the Stone House Cafe


A festive Holiday Shake from Laina's Homemade Ice Cream, sold inside the Stone House Cafe in Seattle.  

When I saw that Laina's was making these fun shakes, I couldn't wait to head over to the Stone House Cafe and try one. This summer I visited and got to try a yummy Root Bear Float, a root beer float with a bear on top. You can see that post right here

I really wanted the Peppermint one but they were out of the ingredients. So I ordered the Chocolate Madness shake. I chose to have it with Cookies and Cream ice cream. It was topped with a small chocolate donut, a brownie, two chocolate wafer sticks, two Ghirardelli Peppermint Squares, chocolate frosting, walnuts, and I had them add crushed up peppermint on top! 

It was one heck of a milkshake! It was the perfect way to end Christmas. My favorite part of the shake was the actual shake part and the small brownie. And no, I didn't eat this by myself! I had about half the shake and half of the brownie and donut. After having this decadent dessert, we went to the park and tried to get some exercise. 

I liked how the Stone House Cafe was all decked out for the holidays! And I loved how they thought up these shakes. They are so fun, unique, and delicious to consume!  


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