A December Evening in Downtown Seattle

Every December I love to walk around downtown Seattle and take in the magic of the holiday season. The Christmas tree in front of Westlake Center looks beautiful year after year. And if you're lucky, Sugar and Spoon will be there with their truck, selling safe to eat cookie dough. We've had it before and it's good stuff.

I've lived in Seattle since 2000 and had never rode the holiday carousal. So this year, my boys wanted to take a spin. And I'm glad we did. It was fun making memories together as we went round and round, taking in the city lights while holiday music played.

Then I sipped a little Starbucks to warm up as I soaked in the scene. We had already eaten dinner, but my husband and I wanted cocktails. We headed across the street to Yard House for drinks and dessert. They do a solid Sidecar, so we each had one of those. We also all shared their sampler of desserts. The Mini Trio Sampler came with three rich and satisfying desserts. There was a Chocolate Souffle with ice cream, Cheesecake Brulee, and a Peach and Apple Cobbler with ice cream. Of the three, the Chocolate Souffle was my favorite. How can you can wrong with chocolate? It was decadent with a deep chocolate flavor. Cheers to the joy and fun of the holiday season!


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