A Visit to Lowrider Baking Co. for Cookie Cake

The unforgettable Birthday Cake Cookie Cake from Lowrider Baking Company. 

This weekend I decided it was time to check out Lowrider Baking Company's new location in the Central District. This is their first brick and mortar (actual store with an address). They're located at 2407 E Union Street. The other place I've eaten their incredible cookies is their cute trailer in the Georgetown Trailer Park. They also do farmer's markets and we've found their cookies at Burien Press, a fun coffee shop in Burien. See my post here.

Their new product are slices of Cookie Cake. This dessert looked way too good to pass up, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on a piece. They looked huge so I dragged my family with me. When we showed up to the shop, they were fresh out of cookies. But luckily for us, they did have slices of the Cookie Cake left. Hooray! I chose the Birthday Cake one, because it looked so good and who passes up anything Birthday Cake?

After my slice of Cookie Cake had its close up and I was done photographing it, we finally dug in. For some reason or other, there weren't forks, so I just went for it. The dessert looked too good to be true, with four layers of Vanilla frosting and four layers of Birthday Cake Cookie. The cookie is under baked in that amazing way so it tastes like cookie dough. This treat was made for me since I love frosting and I love cookie dough. I just wish we would have bought more slices! We brought home what we didn't finish and I popped it in the fridge. I always like my leftover cake, cupcakes, or anything with frosting to be chilled. Their Cookie Cake would be just the thing to celebrate a birthday, or just making it though Monday.

This is Lowrider's S'mores Cookie I tried last spring from their trailer location.
They don't mess
around when it comes to cookies!

Check out the thick marshmallow! This is a cookie!

Click here to see my other post from Lowrider Baking Company,
when I first visited their trailer in Georgetown.
Seattle's so lucky to have cookies like this now.
Cheers to cookies!


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