Lunch at HardWok Cafe

I had a mission.  I wanted to try some Honey Toast.  So when I saw an article about the incredible Honey Toast at the Taiwanese restaurant, HardWok Café, I knew we had to go.  My mission went off without a hitch and before I knew it, our Honey Toast sat in front of us, ready to devour.  Each serving serves three to four people, so I'm glad there was enough for the four of us to feel satisfied. 

Honey Toast is a dessert consisting of a hallowed out loaf of bread filled with cubes of bread with a sweet coating.  Then it is topped with ice cream, fruit, and anything sweet you can think of.  We had the chocolate one with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, an Oreo Cookie, bananas, raspberries, and strawberries.  Traditionally a Japanese dessert, the Taiwanese serve it, too.  Not only did it look beautiful but it was satisfying and the perfect comfort food.  I mean really, we're talking about bread, chocolate, and ice cream here.  You can't go wrong.  For a little bit more substance before our dessert though, my husband had a spicy beef soup and I had the pork and cabbage dumplings.  But the Honey Toast was the star attraction of our meal and we all loved how delicious and unique it was. 

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