A Summer Escape to Whistler, BC Part II

This is the seventh and final post from my Whistler series.  It's been fun going through my photos from our trip last week and recounting where we ate and what we saw! Whistler is beautiful in the summertime with the fresh air and mountain views, incredible restaurants, and great shopping to boot.  And that's no even counting all of the recreational activities we skipped.  Whistler is a win-win and I hope more people from Seattle take the time to go check it out.  The drive was remarkable and I loved the water views.  The drive home was nice and we even stopped for a minute at Porteau Cove so I could shoot some photos.  The light blue water was breathtaking so I'm glad we stopped.  Another place to stop is Shannon Falls, which even from my view out the passenger window as we drove down the windy road looked awesome.  Thanks, Canada, it's been a great one. 


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