A view from the top and a walk in the park

The Vancouver Lookout Tower and Stanley Park are two of my favorite things to do in Vancouver.  I have been to the observation deck of the tower several times and I love it every time.  A view like that never gets old.  The city looks lovely, its buildings looming so tall they seem to touch the sky from street level, but the view from above shows everything in perfect order and gives a different perspective you'll never forget.  The mountains gleam in the sun in the background and the green jewel of Stanley Park and the lake shine to the right of the city.  The observation deck gives you a 360 degree view of Vancouver and the views take your breath away as you walk around the glass enclosed viewing area.  Our boys loved running around the viewing area and got so excited to see the view of the city.  They are both like their mama and love buildings and structures. 

We also took them to Stanley Park because I knew they'd like the view of Vancouver from there, too.  When they saw the city from across the water, they both started clapping and cheering.  Sometimes it is so easy to make them happy.  There's a playground there also, because when on vacation, little kids really need to burn off steam.  We enjoyed all of the trees, flowers, and little waterfalls, and even the geese.  Well, especially the geese.  We saw one in mid flight, from one tall wooden structure to another one.  We didn't know they could fly and we thought it was special because it isn't something we see at home.  That's what makes traveling fun and memorable.   

The Vancouver Lookout Tower.

The view of Vancouver from Stanley Park.


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