Bite of Seattle 2013

This weekend we checked out the annual Bite of Seattle.  The event is held every July at Seattle Center and features food from local restaurants.  Plus there are several stages of live music and retail booths to check out.  Seattle Center's huge, it took quite a while to walk around and check out everything before we decided what we wanted to eat.  I try and go almost every year if I'm in town.  With 40,000 people there, it gets a little crowded.  My favorite part about the Bite is the free samples.  This year I tried a donut, some Ocean Spray juice, a pork rind- I don't like pork rinds, what was I thinking- some Penuche Fudge and some cinnamon bark candy.  First off, we shared some fried Mac and Cheese, then some chicken wings and then we each got a cheeseburger.  We walked around a little bit more but with the heat and the crowds, we decided to head home. 

This was my first time trying fried mac and cheese.  It tasted so good, it was hot and the perfect ratio or mac and cheese to fried goodness. 

Some wings from Racha with sweet chili sauce for dipping.  I've never tried the food from Racha but based on these wings I'm guessing its pretty good. 

 A cheeseburger and lemonade hit the spot.  The burger was pretty well sized for $6.50 and the beef had a nice smoky flavor from being on the BBQ'd. 


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